Premium Pet Sitting Services
​​Dog Sitting​​ 
These visits are ideal if you have to work longer hours, need to attend an event, have a new puppy or circumstances mean that you just need that little bit of assistance and support.

Visits will include the following:
Comfort break/Garden time
Cuddles and fuss
Play and enrichment activities
Water bowls replenished
Administer medication if required
Feeding if required

N.B These visits are not suitable if your dog is going to be left unattended overnight. If no overnight care is available, then we would advise an alternative option: i.e House Sitter, Home Boarding or Boarding Kennels.

Cat Sitting 
Clean food bowls, put out fresh water, clean out litter tray
Feed cat(s) according to your instructions
Cuddles and fuss
Play and enrichment activities
Administer medication if required
Follow special diets
Monitor your cat's health
Small Animal Care
Feed according to your instructions
Clean food bowls, fresh water, clean out cages
Monitor their health and wellbeing

Prices start from £7.00.
Visit durations:
20-30 minutes
45 minutes
1 hour
Longer or bespoke arrangements can be discussed on an individual basis. If you require longer or have additional pets, I am happy to provide quotes based on your requirements.

Just to advise that my working days for services outside of Home Boarding is Monday to Friday only between 9am-5pm.
Unless special arrangements have been made e.g cat sitting holiday care (subject to availability) or emergency care is required.

* Christmas and New Year by special arrangement only, subject to availability. Rates will be charged at double time on the festive season Bank Holidays *
I know from experience it is sometimes difficult to find someone you can trust to look after our precious pets when we want to go away, or work life balance is adding extra pressure

Our "Comfort & Cuddle" Breaks can be tailored to our pets needs. This option gives you peace of mind that your pet is safe and comfortable in their own home.

You will be provided with regular updates, via phone, text and photos. 
Your pets will be cared for and loved just like my own.

Covering Whittlesey, Eastrea, Coates & Turves